The latest news in 2017: Now, Tibet Permit can be handled normally, but reserve Tibet tour in advance of 20 days please. Details

Tibet Travel FAQ

What are the most popular attractions in Tibet?

A visit to Tibet a trip of a lifetime! No other destination provides so many unforgettable memories, such a deeply moving experience. The Unique plateau snowy scenery, mysterious religion, the honest Tibetan people, made it a holy place in people's mind. More

Can I travel to Tibet by myself ?

Tibet tour FAQ: Can I travel to Tibet by myself? No, you can't. It is impossible to travel to Tibet on your own, you have to have a guide accompanied. More

Tibet Travel Taboos

Tibet Travel Planner rounds up the Tibet local customs to show a tourist what he must-and mustn't-do, from clockwise walk to touching heads, which will help visitors travel without trouble. More

What is the best time to travel in Tibet?

The climate in highland Tibet belongs to the typical downy special climate. Climates are much different in different areas in Tibet and temperatures vary greatly within a single day. More

How is the weather in Tibet?

In fact, the Tibetan climate is not as harsh as many people imagine it to be. It is suitable for travel to Tibet from April to early November, and the best time is August and September. But if you only stay in Lhasa, you can go there any time of the year. More

Chamdo Travel Tips

Chamdo Travel Tips, suggestions for traveling in Chamdo, Chamdo Travel essentials, the best time to travel Chamdo, what to pack for Chamdo travel More

Ngari Travel Tips

Ngari Travel Tips on local accommadation, getting around, eating and climate. More

Shannan Travel Tips

Shannan Travel Tips on restaurants, getting around, shopping area and climate in this region. More

Nyingchi Travel Tips

Nyingchi Travel Tips on getting around, best time to travel, banking service, etc. More

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