The latest news in 2017: Now, Tibet Permit can be handled normally, but reserve Tibet tour in advance of 20 days please. Details

Private Tibet Tours

We're good at creating Private Tibet tours to Tibet that meet all the needs of our customers. The Tibet Tour can give you a plan service to Tibet,China from the beginning to the end. You will never regret to experience its beauty of mystery there. A private English speaking tour guide, a private air-conditioned vehicle and an experienced driver are featured for you.

Our aim is to provide you the best and high quality travel service with reasonable price, providing you the best value in tours and sightseeing in Tibet.

Classic Tibet Tours Trekking Tibet Tours Mt.Everest Tours Mt.Kailash Tours Tibet Train Tours

These perfect lines are everlasting favorites; many people believe that travelling in Tibet is some kind of visiting temples or meeting gelongs. However, have you ever hit upon an impulse of thought that you can experience the life in Tibet as a local people. Please contact with us if you are ready for being a Tibetan to discover the mystery of Tibet.

Lhasa / Namtso / Lhasa 5 Days Tour
Days: 5 days Trip Available: You choose
Special Of Tibet Culture Tour
Days: 7 days Trip Available: You choose

Do you want to reach your physical potential Tibet trekking tour will be your first choice. It will let you know how strong you are. What are you waiting for Just have fun in the amazing journey of Tibet on foot.

The most amazing tours destination -- Mt. Everest which is the highest mountain in the world. For many people, climbing Mt. Everest is a challenge of his physical and mental condition. Multicultural experiences such as the culture of Nepal, India. Biodiversity and snow-capped mountains are the best reasons for you to have an adventurous trip in Mt. Everest. It is a chance to feel nature and pure your soul in the place where is the closest to the heavens. Challenging yourself, choose Mt. Everest.

Each year, thousands of people make a pilgrimage to Kailash. Pilgrims of several religions, like Hinduism, Jainism ect, believe that circumambulating Mt. Kailash on foot is a holy ritual which will bring good fortune. It is believed that setting foot on the slopes of Mt. Kailash is a dire sin, that's the reason why Mount Kailash has never been climbed. Actually, many pilgrims perform body-length prostrations during the entire circumambulation. If you are interested in the pilgrimage, you will learn a lot on the trip of Mt. Kailash.

Lhasa/Mt. Everest/Mt. Kailash/Lhasa or Nepal Border Tours
Days: 16 days Trip Available: You choose
Highlights: Mt. Everest, Nylam, Saga, Paryang, Manasarovar, Darchen, Mt. Kailash, Darchen, Zanda, Guge Kingdom, Paryang, Saga Shegar, Nyalam, Nepal Border
All year around Mount Kailash Tour
Days: 15 days Trip Available: You choose

Approaching Tibet gradually by train is the perfect choice for you, because there is more time for you to acclimatize and reduce the chance of altitude sickness. Plus, there are a lot of fantastic sceneries that you can never imagine during the train journey on Qinghai-Tibet railway. Why not take a train tour to discover the beauty of this wonderland

Tibet train tour from Chengdu to Lhasa
Days: 7 days Trip Available: You choose
Highlights: Potala Palace,Johkang Temple, Sera Monastery,Drepung Monasterygatse